Summer Mission Trip

Blueprint Ministries

This year we are partnering with Blueprint Ministries for the second time to take our students down to serve the week of July 22nd-27th. We had an incredible experience last year and are eagerly awaiting to see what God will do in and through our youth in July 2018.

Blueprint’s mission is to be an expression of Christ’s love in San Antonio through the restoration of homes. And so when we go down there this summer, that’s what we’ll be doing! We’ll be serving God as his hands and feet, seeking to be an expression of Christ’s love.

We’ll spend our mornings and early afternoons throughout the week on different service projects throughout the city, working on homes, getting to know families, sharing our faith, and ultimately serving the people there.

The best part about this mission trip is that it will still very much have a high energy, fun “camp” feel! During the day we will be serving together and once we get back to the facility we are staying at, we’ll have time for games, free time, teaching, worship, and “family time”.

If your kids are coming on the trip, please mark your calendar for a kick-off night on 7/20 where we will get together before the retreat for students to be introduced to their teams and leaders. 

Registration Details

Registration is live! Below is the link to register. As of now we only have 50 spots available for students. I am expecting that we will fill these up quickly seeing as our Spring Retreat registration had over 50 students register and this trip is open to our current 5th graders as well. The sooner our registration fills up, the sooner I can request additional spots. 

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Q: When are we leaving and when are we coming home?

A: We will be leaving from the church on July 22nd and coming home on July 27th.

Q: How do I get on the waitlist?

A: Once our registration is full, the online registration should automatically close. Once it does, email me to be put on the waitlist. If we get additional spots from camp, or people drop, it will be first come, first serve. Once the 50 spots are filled we can request Blueprint Ministries for additional spots depending on our week's capacity. 

Q: How much does camp cost and what does this money go to?

A: The cost for camp is $475. This covers Blueprint’s registration fee, t-shirts, supplies, a fun kick-off night, our van rentals for the week, and it covers the entire cost for all of our leaders who are giving up a week to serve. The only additional cost will be for food while traveling. 

For each additional student after your first, the cost is $425. We have done this to help families who have multiple students interested in coming! There are two ways to do this: You can sign up each of your students and pay their deposit and then you can write one check to cover the total remaining balance. If you have multiple kids and need additional help, we have a limited amount of scholarships available. Email me to let me know. 

Q: What happens if I sign my child up and then they are not able to go?

A: Simple! Email Richmond to let him know as soon as possible. The $100 deposit is refundable if cancelled before 6/1, or we can apply it to scholarship additional students.

Q: Are Scholarships available?

A: Yes! We have some partial scholarships available to help families in need. If interested, please go ahead and sign up your student and pay the $100 deposit to secure their spot. Feel free to call before you do so if you would like! Our hope is that we can offer partial scholarships so that we can bless more people.

Camp FAQ

Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten several questions from Parents. I wanted to take the time to answer a few of them and provide some clarity for the trip!

Here is a link to Blueprint’s FAQ

Q: My kid is going and I would love to come too! Can I come and serve as a volunteer leader?

A: Thank you for your desire to serve with us! We currently have limited spots available for leaders to come. A huge part of our ministry philosophy is that our students are relationally connected to volunteer leaders. Our priority for this trip is for our weekly Student Ministry small group leaders to lead with us on the trip. They are relationally connected to our students and the opportunity to spend a week with the students they lead is extremely important! However, if we need to additional leaders then we would love for some parents to come with us as long as their intention for coming is to shepherd and invest in the entire group. If you are interested, please let me know!

Q: Where will they be staying?

A: Blueprint has a large facility that can sleep over 140 people with separate bunk-bed sleeping areas for boys and girls.

Q: If my child can only come for part of the week, is that okay?

A: Unfortunately, because we have limited spots, we want all of the students who come to stay for the duration of the trip.

Q: What the schedule is for the week

A: Blueprint's Daily Schedule

Q: Where will the group be eating?

A: They will eat Breakfast and Dinner at Blueprints' facility and they will pack a lunch to eat during the day at their service projects. 

Q: Structure of the teams 

A: Teams have 10 students, boys and girls, and 2 adult leaders. We will do our best to pair kids with at least one close friend, while also giving them a mix of people in their group to meet. These are mixed age groups. 

Q: Transportation?

A: We are driving 12 passenger vans and only our adult leaders will be able to drive. We'll be using these same vans throughout the week to drive to and from our service projects. Kids will be travel to and from San Antonio with their team. 

Q: Does C3 have any permission/liability forms that we will need to sign as well?

A: Yes. Most students have already completed one. Those who haven't should have received an email from Richmond.