C3 Students


The C3 Student Ministry exists to encourage students to be grounded in the WORD, grow deeply together in COMMUNITY, and reach out on MISSION with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Weekly Gathering For Students

Sunday Nights in the Gathering Hall, 5:00-6:45pm

The C3 Students gather together as a group for fellowship, worship, teaching and small groups with our adult leaders. 


In addition to the ongoing weekly gatherings and monthly events, the student ministry goes to Camp Eagle and serves the body and community through mission opportunities each summer. 

Contact Information

For questions, please contact Richmond Howard at richmond@c3houston.org.

Our Commitment...

The Scriptures will be central to all we do in the C3 Student Ministry. While we will have fun in our ministry, we will not just be a social club for entertainment. C3 is committed to consistently teach our students the Scriptures and challenge our kids to see their world through the lens of the Scriptures. We will teach our students expositionally, topically, and theologically. We will also equip our students to better understand how to understand/study their bibles and share their faith. Last and certainly not least, we see the role of parents as the primary teachers, instructors, and disciplers of their children. We will encourage parents to continue to teach and train their kids in the teaching and instruction of the Lord and fullfill their God ordained role. 

If there's one thing kids desire, it's having other kids around them who desire to pursue a life of Christlikeness along side of them. At C3, we will create environments where students are encouraged and challenged to lean on one another as they navigate the challenging teen years. We desire that our students have fun together for the purpose of building community. Our sunday night gatherings, socials, and mission initiatives will encourage students to build deeper relationships with one another and the adult leaders. We also see the role of Community Groups in our church as a vital tool for parents to teach and model to their kids what it looks like to live in community. We will encourage parents to have their kids engaged in the life of community groups (and not just be babysitters for the adults!).

We desire to see our kids come to faith themselves and then engage in the mission God has clearly laid out for the church. From an early age we desire to see our kids "give their lives away" in service to the Lord and truly be the Hands and Feet of Christ. These things are better "caught" than "taught" so the student ministry at C3 will engage in regularly scheduled gospel-centered service outreaches in our city and on yearly mission trips outside of Houston. We will also encourage parents to include their kids in family, community group, and churchwide mission initiatives and model what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.