C3 Kids

Philosophy of Ministry

Christ Community Church Kids Ministry (C3k) has three main priorities in developing children into followers of Christ. We desire to build a ministry that is safe, enjoyable, and Biblical. The safety of our children is a high priority in all areas of the ministry. We also work hard to make the ministry enjoyable as we want our children to develop a love for the church. Most importantly, all that we do and teach is based upon the truth of the Bible. We recognize that God reveals His character through His Word and His grace transforms children into followers of Jesus. We have Sunday morning classes for Children ages Infant up to 5th Grade that are led primarily by Christ Community Church volunteers. C3 Kids utilizes Children Desiring God and Gospel Project curriculums which aim to build a foundation in doctrine and truth in these precious young lives.


First time guests are directed to the C3 Kids Registration Table located outside the sanctuary where they will be asked to fill out a Registration Card. Parents will be given a Security Card (with their child’s name on it) for each of their children. Then the parents will be asked to sign-in their child on the appropriate class list. On the list they need to include the name of their child, their cell phone number, and any allergies or special instructions. If there is an emergency with a child, the teachers will contact the supervising Elder team or Children’s Coordinator and then the parents by texting their cell phones.


Sunday Morning Schedule

9.30 Service Classes

Infants | Toddlers | 2 Year Olds | 3 Year Olds | PreK | Kindergarten

1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3-5th Grade

11.05 Service Classes

Infants | Toddlers | 2 Year Olds | 3 Year Olds | PreK | Kindergarten

KidsChurch** (1-5th Grades) | King's Kids


All of our Sunday School classes for C3kids utilize Children Desiring God curriculum and KidsChurch, during the 11.05 Service, uses The Gospel Project. 

**For KidsChurch (offered during the 11.05 hour), children will be checked in at the desk and then will attend the first part of the main service before being dismissed to class.