Sojourn Galleria

December 31, 2015 | 0 comments

neighborhoodHere at Christ Community we are part of the Acts 29 church planting network. As an Acts 29 church, we have the privilege of serving other churches here in the Houston area, praying for them, and doing ministry together with them.

This year we have connected with Sojourn Galleria. Sojourn Galleria is a member of Sojourn Houston, a family of neighborhood churches. As such, they exist for the glory of God and the good of their neighborhood and seek to make disciples, multiply parishes (community groups), and plant churches. Sojourn believes that their ongoing spiritual growth is accomplished as a community. They seek to overlap their lives, engage each other and their neighborhood with a long-term, low-key, and relational form of ministry.

In talking with them, one of the things they hope to see is the people of God united under their identity in Jesus, making disciples of their neighbors by building relationships, exposing them to the Christian community, and sharing the gospel in word and deed. Through this, they hope to see families multiplying their community groups (parishes) into new neighborhoods, living out gospel in community. They seek to continue to plant churches in new neighborhoods throughout the city, planting in new cities, and all over the world.

As they begin this journey in the Galleria area, you can pray for several things. The first of those being unity and community throughout the body that is beginning this church. Secondly, for their leaders,wisdom and discernment as their new church structures are put into action. Thirdly, you can pray for their pastor Taylor Ince. While in law-school Taylor sensed the Lord’s calling, and dropped out. Shortly after, he met his wife. They have recently returned from Scotland, where Taylor studied Old Testament and the family ministered the love of Jesus to students from around the world. Pray for them as they continue on this adventure here in the Houston area.

For more information on Sojourn Galleria you can visit their website

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