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nets-logo-missions-page The NETS Center for Church Planting and Revitalization is an organization that trains and sends qualified men to plant and replant gospel-driven churches in New England and beyond, and equip others to do the same. They want to see gospel-proclaiming churches filled with real gospel life spring up throughout the least churched regions of our nation and world. They desire to see every NETS church succeed and reproduce, bearing gospel fruit for generations to come.

NETS provides the final link in the chain of preparation for pastoral ministry: real-life experience. Their apprenticeships take place in a healthy New England church plant and emphasizes preaching, shepherding, leadership, and family, with wives as active participants.

Whether it's starting a new church or bringing life to a dying one, NETS works the most difficult areas. The Northeast is the least religious and most post-modern, post-Christian region of the nation. The Northeast portion of the United States is considered an unreached people group. There is a desperate need for churches on the east coast, and NETS is an organization built to train men to plant churches in that area. They also have a vision for God’s global mission, and are opportunistically developing international training centers and partnerships.

Please join us by praying that God continues to use NETS to raise up church planters who will plant the gospel in communities that desperately need it.

For more information about NETS, you can go to their website here, at

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