September 12, 2016 | 0 comments

logoAltThis summer many C3 individuals, and families went on a three-day mission trip to a low-income area of Galveston. For this mission, C3 partnered with Galveston Urban Ministries (GUM), a local faith-based organization whose purpose is to serve the poor within the community. The trip was focused on loving and ministering to the people who live there, and exposing our children and own hearts to the need to live a more sacrificial life.

Each morning, C3 worked on various service projects that are currently underway in the community. Teams were organized to clear trash, paint homes, and help in renovation efforts. The efforts transformed a very small portion of the many needs, but GUM consistently partners with other churches and organizations to coordinate neighborhood repairs and beautification.

The afternoons were spent doing a vacation bible school in the park. This park has become a gathering place for the kids within the community. A neighborhood mom that one of our members spoke with said that her child goes to the park almost every day during the summer. She is thankful for a safe place and for what her child receives there. During those three days, different "stations" of crafts, games, food, and a gospel presentation were set-up for the neighborhood children. C3 kids got the opportunity to interact with children from different backgrounds and display love and compassion towards them. One of our C3 moms said this was the sweetest part of this mission trip for her. She loved that her children were able to see what other children's lives are like and hopes this helps to develop in them a deeper desire to love and serve others.

Our call as a Christian is to live a missional lifestyle every day, and some people expressed that this trip reopened their eyes to that truth. Through seeing the needs of others, hearts are changed, and individuals are blessed to be used by God to fulfill His purposes.

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